Salpicão SatoriVeganSugar freeGluten freeSource of fiber

Carrots, tomatoes, red onions, black raisins, Italian zucchini, smoked tofu, and cashew mayo.

Pythagoras 9Gluten freeSource of proteinSource of fiber

Lettuce, mango, cashews, beet, carrots, and space sauce.

Hare, César!Gluten free

Lettuce, Parmesan cheese, crouton megaton, and Caesar sauce.

Extrassensorial EgípciaVeganGluten free

“The Authentic Atlante Recipe”. Remixed green salad, tomatoes, olives, marinated tofu, red onions, cucumber, and ginger-sesame sauce.

Massa Mahaiana VeganSugar freeSource of fiber

Whole-wheat penne, tomatoes, red onions, celery, Brazil nuts, black sesame, and enchanted pesto sauce.

Quinoa Quintessência Espcialux Vegan

Mixed salad, tomato, quinoa, brazilian nuts, raisin, cucumber, and papaya seed sauce.


Zen VeganSugar freeSource of fiber

Bulgur wheat, wizard pumpkins and sautéed mushrooms.
Suggested sauce: Mint pesto

Betê VeganSugar freeGluten freeSource of fiber

Beet dream with quinoa and Brutus spinach. Wondrous!
Suggested sauce: Papaya seed

Ohm Sugar freeSource of fiber

Yam yam yam with oatmeala laparmegiana, cheese, red fruit ketchup and oregano. So juicy!

Imperial VeganSugar freeGluten freeSource of proteinSource of fiber

Stupendous! Inca quinoa with sweet potato and pacific grains.
Suggested sauce: Papaya seed

Funky Sugar freeSource of proteinSource of fiber

Something the entire humanity is proud of! Remixed super nutritive terrestrial grains.
Suggested sauce: Mango chutney yogurt

Ernesto VeganSugar freeSource of proteinSource of fiber

Red beans with veggies..
Suggested sauce: Vegan chipotle




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